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MFTU (MFTU) and CYBERFM (CYFM) markets added

Dear users!

MFTU (MFTU) and CYBERFM (CYFM) markets added to the listing.

MFTU/BTC, MFTU/ETH, CYFM/BTC and CYFM/ETH markets are available for trading.

MFTU (MFTU) contract address is

CYBERFM (CYFM) contract address is

Good luck in the forthcoming trades.


Mainstream For The Underground (MFTU) is listed on LATOKEN!

LATOKEN’s Description:

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MFTU is listed on LATOKEN. Deposits are already open. Follow the link to deposit:


Update Sept 10th:

CYFM is listed on LATOKEN. Deposits are already open. Follow the link to deposit:


LATOKEN’s Description:

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens:

  •   $25m daily turnover
  •   More than 80,000 registered traders
  •   180+ crypto pairs available for trading


Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowdsale stages.


Direct trading link is:

Token Store

Both CYFM and MFTU are pleased to now be listed at Token Store.

At Token.Store, funds are deposited into a smart contract, instead of being directly deposited in an exchange. Fully decentralized exchanges have no way of removing funds from the smart contract — only the person who holds the private key of the Ethereum account that sent funds there can retrieve it. Moreover, no sign-up or email addresses are needed to use a fully decentralized exchange: the best way to use The Token Store is through MetaMask. This makes the experience completely anonymous.

They also offer this complete user guideToken Store – User Guide

However, here are some short and simple instructions to get you started:

Trading using Metamask: the recommended way

1. Go to:
2. Launch your Metamask browser plugin and login.
(If you don’t have a Metamask wallet, you can quickly and easily create one, see
3. Refresh The Token Store’s site, your MetaMask account should already be automatically connected to us. The amount of ETH in your personal wallet will be visible on the top left of our exchange page.
4. Deposit tokens into your “exchange wallet” using the widget on the left of the ‘exchange’ page. Make sure you’re logged into MetaMask to sign the transaction. Make sure you leave at least 0.01 ETH in your exchange wallet to pay gas fees.
5. Use instant order or limit order to buy/sell tokens: instant order instantly takes someone else’s order, while limit order stays in the ask/bid pool for the amount of blocks you set.



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Trade: MFTU at TokenJar.IO – Verified
Trade: CYFM at TokenJar.IO



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Dakuce is LIVE

Dakuce has officially enable trading for CYFM & MFTU:



Enjoy with Dakuce and wait for more good news.

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Where are the CYFM and MFTU Tokens headed? Where is the ecosystem at now? Compare our completed checkmarks with other projects that you encounter.

A forward-looking road map will be released shortly. Below is a list of Production-Ready accomplishments that you can already interact with!

Business Plan

We are 10 years old and self-sustaining. We have key investors and consistent revenue each year.

User Base

If you’re not already a fan, you better go visit CyberFM right away! Download our apps too.

Customer Base

One of the reasons for this project: We became so overwhelmed with Artists, we had to improve upon our Sign-On process!

Mobile Apps

We are available at Google Play Store and of course Apple’s App Store. With more on the way!

Dedicated Wallet

Sign up for our wallet at Hexel. You get added benefits of being able to spend Tokens there as well.

Online Merchants

Already functional! Both CYFM and MFTU Tokens will have exchange capability here onsite and elsewhere.


Mobile devices and the Internet have changed how music is broadcast throughout the world. Most countries enforce a royalty payment method via government regulation to insure that Musicians and Artists are compensated for the use of their performances.

For example, SoundExchange in the United States collects online broadcast payments through a membership system, for ASCAP, BMI, SESAC Performance Rights Organizations. Large online radio networks have monetized this valuable content with subscription systems, membership perks and traditional broadcast advertising in attempt to offset the fees enforced by the laws.

We have created an open-source online royalty payment model with peer-reviewed information available worldwide through a distributed ledger system. This Dual Token Ecosystem is named as the CyberFM “CYFM” token and named as the “MFTU” token for “Mainstream For The Underground.”

Candy store Rock N’ Roll corporation jellyroll,
Play the singles, it ain’t me,
It’s programmed insanity: You ASCAP – If BMI –
Could ever make a mountain fly.
If Japanese can boil teas
Then where the f**k’s my royalties?

Song: No Surpize
Album: Night In The Ruts
Songwriters: Joe Perry / Steven Victor Tallarico (Steven Tyler)


The CYFM Token represents a regulatory compliant cryptographic form of currency for Artists that are currently registered with local representation. As mentioned above or for example SOCAN in Canada.

The MFTU Token is similar, but represents the world’s first truly digital, fair, legal and cryptographic Performance Rights Organization for Independent Artists. Protecting their rights and payments across the entire globe!

Both utility tokens are an ERC20 asset registered on the ETH blockchain used to create this universal payment system that enables royalties to be collected for all performances, at all times, throughout all countries! The MFTU and CYFM tokens will also be used initially to compliment fiat payments for online radio memberships, credits for in-app purchases and registration fees.

This ecosystem represents a universal, international currency that will compensate all artists and performers across the world! The aforementioned will be compensated regardless of individual membership to their respective Performance Rights Organization. However additional perks, rewards and income will be available when these members fully adopt our system.

Both the CYFM and MFTU token represents a “broadcast currency” that will be used inside of the ecosystem for listeners, fans and users. For example, listeners may win MFTU tokens in a radio contest, they may use the tokens to purchase premium memberships for song-skipping, on-demand downloads, commercial free streams and other benefits.

An important note:

Based on the Howey Test, the intentions of both tokens are strictly to be used as a universal, internationally accepted currency. This token has no role in the profit and success of the 10 year old “Cyber-FM” Company located at any of our websites. Additionally, these tokens are not for sale at any CyberFM based website. No Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are planned or needed for either token.

Our smart contract implements the ERC-20 token standard using libraries from OpenZeppelin, which have been thoroughly reviewed and tested. Additionally, our token contract has been professionally audited by the experts at Quantstamp.

We protect against all common attacks and store only hashed passwords using bcrypt. Our website traffic runs entirely over encrypted SSL/TLS (https). The source code has been independently security-reviewed by third party security engineers. Hunter2 has also reviewed the codebase and provides ongoing security training to our engineering team to stay up-to-date on best practices in security.

Feel free to view the block explorer for both the CYFM token and also the Independent MFTU Token.