Do You MFTU?

Do You MFTU?

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MFTU is not only a verb created by Cyber.FM, but it now has expanded to include the "Metaverse For The Underground." Since 2008, you've been tuning in to hear the greatest of Indie Artists!
DLPRO is proud to announce that in the Summer of 2022, we will combine cultures: The Metaverse with virtual, real life, play to earn cryptocurrency events powered by Independent & Mainstream Musicans!

Metaverse For The Underground

In your living room with live concerts while you join fans from miles away, with the exact same: energy, vibe, sound & ambience!

What's 'The Catch?'

Our Hybrid Concert Series is different than Oculus, Fortnite, Wave, Decentraland and others. Attend our shows in the Real World while participating in the Virtual World where everyone is equal.

Tokenomics & Roadmap: Click For More Details

Follow along as we expand our roadmap and unveal our tokenomics that powers the virtual concert series

Powered by: DLPRO

Distributed Ledger Performance Rights Organization has a dual-token economy for Metaverse and Independent Artists.


We have expanded our network into the metaverse. As we have done for the past 14 years supporting MFTU Artists. Now you will be able to immerse your audience with our live hybrid concert series.


MFTU gets you in front of CyberFM Radio fans who follow us on Social Media! On top of that, our system notifies YOUR fans whenever your song is live on the air! Our social media alone offers a limitless outreach for you!


Your own virtual live concert. Captivating a new wave of revenue. A portal that is live broadcasted throughout the metaverse levereging the Oculculus Partnership

Get Paid!

The earning limits are endless as we expand the platform. First leverging virtual ticket sales then expanding into other revenue streems such as virtual skins, in concert sponsors and custom offerings.

Buy & Farm the MFTU Token

Our hybrid serious will be captavating while being comptable with non-vr users. As this economy grows and fans around the world migrate into the metaverse.

Roadmap to success!

Our current roadmap will continue to be updated. Follow along as we take over Virtual Reality with our Hybrid Concert Series!

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