Do You MFTU?

Do You MFTU?

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Radio Airtime

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MFTU is not only a verb, but it stands for "Mainstream For The Underground." Where you hear the greatest new Indie Artists! We offer an optional program where Artists are PAID in MFTU (just like listeners are paid in CYFM) which is our ERC20 Ethereum Token. If you're a Musician that wants to be played on CyberFM and learn about Blockchain Technology, read below:

Mainstream For The Underground
Mainstream For The Underground

We automatically treat new, independent and upcoming artists as if they are on the radio now. We level the playing field for all online forms of Media!

Powered by: DLPRO

Distributed Ledger Performance Rights Organization has a dual-token economy for Mainstream and Independent Artists.

Radio Airtime

Becoming an MFTU Artist gets you automatic rotation on and as well as our many partnered stations.

Optional Payment & Tokenomics

Much like other providers, you can be paid in cryptocurrency based on your streams and performances on all of our partnered radio stations. However, we also pay a monthly bonus based on profit sharing of all performances on all radio networks in our system!

You can read the full details about the MFTU Token, the CYFM Token and the IYR Token as well as read our Whitepaper and Roadmap Documentation at the DLPRO website which is formally known as Distributed Ledger Performance Rights Organization, LLC.


For the past 10 years, becoming an MFTU Artist has always earned rotation and airtime on the entire Cyber-FM Network plus all of it's partnered channels. You get immediate exposure to online radio listeners. Absolutely FREE of charge!


MFTU gets you in front of CyberFM Radio fans who follow us on Social Media! On top of that, our system notifies YOUR fans whenever your song is live on the air! Our social media alone offers a limitless outreach for you!


Your own decentralized Record Label where you call the shots. A portal that streams all of your social media platforms in real time. Automatic distribution of your Singles to Radio Networks on your command!

Get Paid!

Get paid in cryptocurrency based on your streams and performances on all partnered radio stations. We ALSO pay a monthly bonus based on profit sharing of ALL performances on ALL radio networks in our system!

Tune In To MFTU Artists

Check our two primary Radio Stations where YOUR music will be added for thousands of streamers and listeners to hear, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!


A breakdown of an Artist's success rate and why the Value Gap must be closed.

Undiscovered Artists


Developing Artists


Mainstream Artists


Mega Stars


BUY Tokens Direct, Get Free Lazer Eyes!

Our new partnership with JustMoney allows for you to buy MFTU Tokens directly in the Tron Ecosystem, simply connect TronLink Wallet here:

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Crypto Values

Valuations for pricing in the cryptocurrency world behave similar to that of currencies in any other market. Below is the value of our tokens that you earn in our system.

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